Making it real..

Okay so maybe that last post wasn’t my first blog post and now this one is but I’m new to this blogging thingy so please bare with me and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it 🙂

So why start blogging now at the tender age of 39 years young??? I’ve never blogged or vlogged or snapchatted but I am an avid Pin’er and Instagram’er. I love to read blogs, follow feeds and get inspiration and motivation from others but the thing is *most of the fitness/health/well being profiles are fit, full of life, young peeps (I’ll come back to the disclaimer above later) and sometimes, if I’m having a bad day/week/month in the office/gym/home I can be anything BUT motivated by all that…if anything it can make me want to curl up in my cosiest, baggiest comfies and silently rock in the corner.
Annnny way *cough* i digress.
In a nut shell I was supposed to be away for the weekend, nothing ever goes to plan, The Boy went I stayed at home and…..
I went shopping.
I didn’t mean too….but I fell in love with the most beautiful red dress
(I have since decided every woman needs a red dress)
…BUT one size was a little too big and the other a little too small….so i bought it anyway…and decided I’m going to look fabulous in this at 40! (Hopefully a bit before because it would look amazing at Christmas!!!)

I mentioned in the “About Me” that I have always trained, but of course there have been times when I’ve let the gym membership run and not used it in over a year or bought a bike and fell off and dislocated my thumb so completely fell out with it and not ridden it in over a year (reoccurring theme here) but recently I’ve joined a new gym, with the boy, and its a fabulous 24hr one, no frills, no sauna, no swim, just gym.
No distractions.
No limited access.

I’ll come back to my recent fitness ups and downs in another blog, but i was on a good role with the training, stumbled but am now back on track and want to stay on it. Which is why THIS…the blog / Instagram thing. It’s just me putting it out there and making my conscious decision to get fit for 40 something to motivate me and maybe others.
It’s a way of focusing and stopping myself making excuses.

So here goes, never mind just Getting Fit For 40…lets Get Fit and Stick With It!

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