I Love Leg Day!

I love leg day

I know many probably wouldn’t agree with me but yes I do!

I don’t however, always love the day after leg day (note – today is that said day), or stairs the day after leg day,  or just walking the day after leg day but i do love the feeling of absolutely crushing a work out especially as i have knee problems (a bit more about that in the “about me” section) that limit me to what exercises i can do safely < key word there.

I am not going to claim to be an fitness expert or a qualified trainer and I am most definitely NOT going to be using this blog to try and tell people what I think they  should do.  I am going to post about what is working for ME  and I will post breakdowns of some of my training schedules with the hope that I will be showing progress and gains – and I will also post about any random set backs that I may have along the way (and believe me I am accident prone and although I hope it doesn’t happen the chances are there will be incidents…..)

So I did a great workout yesterday and I am most definitely feeling the effects today (think manic laughing as I try and climb the stairs for the fourth time of the day because I have no one to blame but myself) and I think it was good enough to share so it’ll be getting posted soon.

Gym Girl xx

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