A bit about me……

So my first post touched on the main reasons for starting this blog but I should probably says a few things about me…

I’m female and 39 (will be 40 in July 2018) hence my Instagram page @getting.fit.for.40

I’m based in the beautiful north of England, work full time in design and have a long term boy in my life and a ginger fur baby tomcat.

The main loves in my life (other than those two) are fitness & food (and I am known to get a bit crafty – but that’s not for this page…)

One of my frustrations in my life are my knee’s.

I have problem knees.  By problem knees I don’t mean I have a bit of a sore knee from time to time – I wish – no I have full on, fractured, cartilage damaged, dislocation prone knee’s < plural.  Both of those suckers have, quite literally, let me down into a leg folded, ankle touching hip bone, crumpled heap of a person many times!

Yes, I have let it get me down, yes I have shed a tear but ultimately yes i have got on with it.  BUT it does limit me and it definitely frustrates me as i can not do everything I used to do or want to do.  I hope my blog can show how you can still exercise safely within your own personal limitations……I was told to expect to have had full knee replacements by 40 and be open to the prospect of not being fully mobile unaided.  I definitely wouldn’t be able to do sports or go out dancing or even (whisper) wear high heels…but ….guess what?   It hasn’t happened ….none of it. I go to the gym, I do yoga, I have even been found dancing on the odd table (at my age!)….in high heels!  Yes, sometimes I suffer more than most with the achy legs after training, my knees swell up to not normal sizes after a night of dancing and I will NEVER be able to get in to the lotus position but I’m still doing it all, I just have to know my limits or look for variants when training so I can still target muscles safely.  < This is something I will certainly cover in my blog posts.

So, anyway, that’s a bit about me.

Hope you like my blog enough to follow me and feel free to leave me a comment.

Bye *waves* 🙂