So today I decided to make a conscious decision to make fitness a more permanent thing in my life.

So here we have….

Don’t get me wrong I’ve trained pretty much all my life – dancing lessons from age 4, gymnastics, swimming, athletics all through school and then at late teens joining a gym – but now I’m *cough* nearing 40 *gulp* I’ve decided that the peaks and troughs style training that comes with a demanding full time job has to stop!

I’ve not got MAJOR fitness goals, I’m not looking to lose 50lbs or overcome a illness (although I do have some health issues but more about that later) this is just about making a conscious decision to Get Fit For 40! < that blog was taken though so we have

Get Fit And Stick With It instead….which I don’t think is too bad is it?

Follow my progress and journey on Instagram and this here lil blog thingy where I’m aiming to keep myself motivated (especially through the winter months) and hopefully motivate a few other people too (which would be nice) and also post workouts, recipes and other fitness / healthy lifestyle stuff too…….

So that’s the first blog post out of the way….yay!

Hope someone reads this and finds something of use but I think I’m going to enjoy writing it anyway.


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