“Difficult paths often lead to beautiful destinations”

Sometimes, on a rainy Sunday morning, I think why don’t I just lay in bed, or why don’t I just keep my comfies on today and not leave the house….especially the day after leg day!!

Me and my boy did a big training session yesterday then had a family birthday, which although I am not a big drinker (2 small glasses of fizz and I’m done) it was a late night so tired head this morning coupled with gym burn – I really wasn’t feeling motivated to go do some training. The boy however, decided we had to get out of the house so why not get our walking boots on and just do the short drive to Clifton Park and Marina where we could get some fresh air and stretch our legs…..5 miles later faced with these steps…..

I wasn’t best pleased with him. My hamstrings were tight and my inner thigh adductor already so sore I was cursing the boy at this point but slowly, slowly I got down without a slip and my legs actually felt better for it in the end.

Moral here of “difficult paths often lead to beautiful destinations” isn’t really about my slippery stair climb but about the personal journey we all make in health & fitness. Pushing yourself to do one more set when your muscles are burning or spending the extra 10 minutes on prepping your food instead of grabbing some takeaway….the harder options will have the better outcome in the end.

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